Caturday bonus: What really happens when you try to wrap a cat

January 1, 2011 • 5:04 pm

On Christmas I posted a video showing a cat being gift-wrapped, patiently allowing itself to be encased in festive paper from head to tail. It even sported a ribbon on its head.

But of course that was a very unusual cat.  Those of us who own normal cats know that if you try to wrap one, even with the lure of kitty treats, you’ll get something like this:

h/t: Diane G

14 thoughts on “Caturday bonus: What really happens when you try to wrap a cat

    1. Precisely my reaction.

      I particularly loved the cat pouncing on the scissors in the act of cutting.

      Wonderful how we evolved to keep them entertained…


  1. By this stage, I would be scratched and cat would have left with aplomb muttering, ‘I think the staff have finally lost it.’

  2. It’s easiest when the cat’s mummified. Otherwise you have to train the cat from a young age to sit still while you do silly things to it. Not just any cat will do. I’ve often wondered if I could train them to go swimming or sit in a tub like that cat in Japan, but I didn’t care to get a kitteh just to find out.

  3. Real cats. I laughed and laughed and laughed more when I thought of us as kids trying put paper shoes on a cat; same result!

  4. Clearly, it is necessary to first securely enclose the cat inside a box. Cats already know this; refer to the “Maru” videos for many examples of a cat enclosing itself in a box without human assistance.


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