Kitteh contest entry: Basil

December 24, 2010 • 6:35 am

Here’s another awesome entry, submitted by owner Tom. Check out the links.

So, here is my cat, Basil (oriental shorthair, solid grey, male, neutered), when he was still a kitten and just getting his adult fangs. Although he’s named after the herb, he also responds to Baz, and Fawlty Towers’ Sybil toned BaaSIIIILLLL! We also call him Basil the Rat. Our other cat is an oriental, ebony ticked mackerel tabby, Meeka (female, spayed), aka Sneekerpop, and ‘snake in a bear suit’. Baz came with us to Singapore from Australia, while Meeka was born here (SG). We don’t show them, but my wife and I both had orientals while we were growing up and reckon they’re obviously the best kittehs. Loud and talkative, extremely active, and affectionate.  Meeka is younger and more energetic, constantly delighting in giving baz a swipe as he’s wandering past. Sometimes he retaliates. Meeka is also the smart one, while baz likes to relax with a cold one at the end of the day.

Is that a nudibranch in your mouth, or are you just glad to see me?

5 thoughts on “Kitteh contest entry: Basil

  1. I suppose that’s a yawn? I’ve never seen a cat stick its tongue out quite like that mid-yawn.

    And are you sure about your assessment of their relative intelligences? Relaxing at the end of the day with a cold one really is quite a smart thing to do….



  2. ahh sorry Ross, fixed now. haha and yeah ben – mid yawn – and baz ran headfirst into too many chairlegs as a kitten, so he’s not the brightest kitteh 😉

  3. Great photo captures, enjoyably twisted write-up, tom. Seems like a common theme amongst our cats’ owners (uh, staff) here…

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