Cat contest update

December 6, 2010 • 4:31 pm

We have a grand prize winner and two runners-up, all of them awesome.  I’ll announce them all this Caturday: runners-up in the a.m., first place in the afternoon.

I’m glad I didn’t have to judge: this was a tough call.  There were terrific photographs and lovely stories—some of them hilarious, others heartbreaking.

Even if your cat didn’t win a prize, there’s a good chance it will appear on a Caturday to come.  There’s no question but that many entries deserve a post.


32 thoughts on “Cat contest update

  1. Hey, Jerry, can’t wait to see the winners on Caturday!

    p.s. Hope you liked the picture of Ben Franklin I sent you.

  2. You mean…we have to wait all the way until Caturday? That’s like, five whole days!

    The suspense is killing me — I don’t know if I can hold out that long!


      1. All cats do that. Can he open the door using the handle? Neither can cheeky, but I’m sure he’d like to. He spends all night scratching on it.

        1. If I had lever-style door handles, I’m sure he’d figure them out. He definitely knows that it’s the knob where the magic lies; he’ll grab and hang onto the knobs of closed doors he wants to go through. He just can’t physically manage to rotate them.

          But, by “climb doors,” I mean exactly that. He will climb, Spiderman-style, limb over limb, straight up a security door. I’m sure he could climb stucco, too.

          I don’t think he would even realize that a ladder was an obstacle. If he wanted to go wherever the ladder led, he’d simply teleport himself up to the top.



          1. Our cats, not just cheeky, pull holes in the fly wire of the security doors as they climb them. It’s amazing how they work out what the door knob is for. Smart little dictators.

          2. Oliver (who is still fondly remembered, even though he passed away in 1989) once carried a dead rabbit up a trellis and brought it into the house through a second-story window.

            1. Cool! Cheeky brought a live quail to the front door the other day. Sans tail-feathers. He didn’t understand why we wouldn’t let him play with it.

            2. Al has not only figured out doorknobs, he’s even figured out light switches. With his night vision, I don’t know why he turns the lights on, but he does.
              But his days are numbered. I’ll kill him if he doesn’t win.

        2. Our cat can only open doors that are cracked, and she’s gotten pretty good at doing it at the creepiest of all possible moments.
          I still remember reading House of Leaves, which features a house that reconfigures its geometries, when all of a sudden, the door creeaaaks open.

        3. When I lived in a house that had level style door handles I did have a cat who used to jump up and swing on the handle. Pretty soon she mastered the art of opening door.

          The two I have now prefer to stand by the door and yell until someone opens its for them.

    1. Hercules can fly — for short distances, anyway — and his brother Ulysses likes to lie on people’s laps and get brushed. Frankly, I don’t see how that can be topped.

  3. Opening doors? Pshaw, that’s nothing. One of my cats gets on top of the kitchen wall cabinets, lifts a ceiling tile with her head, pops into the ceiling and walks around. Unfortunately, the tile she used as an entrance falls into place and she doesn’t have an opening to get back out. I have to remove a tile and wait for her to get bored or hungry then she hops down to the cabinet. It’s become quite a game.

    1. Cool cat. We built a cat enclosure on the side of the house. The cats can enter via a cat flap we place in a window. Unfortunately, the cats think it’s better to sit on top of the enclosure than in it. Turns out they are quite adept a escaping and using the enclosure to lounge about upon or as a stepping stone from which to jump on the neighbors roof. Gotta love ’em.

    2. You remind me of a place we used to rent on vacation in WI. Keeshu and Bryxie managed to get under the eaves from a spring-hinged door, and, from there, under the floorboards. We could hear them thumping around, but there wasn’t a damn thing we could do except wait for them to get bored and come out. From then on, we piled a few books in front of those doors to keep them from opening them. Bryxie always abhored a closed door.

    1. Ours are still healthy and fun, but the sad part is that they live in the US with their adopted caretakers/slaves. We couldn’t bear to put them through the 6-month UK quarantine back when we moved over here.

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