Caturday felid: lions

December 4, 2010 • 10:23 am

by Greg Mayer

The Milwaukee County Zoo has a magnificent pair of African lions. The male has the sort of large, flaring mane that most of us associate with lions (but which is, in fact, subject to much individual and geographic variation; Asiatic lions, for example, have smaller manes).

The female is lithe and muscular; when living together in mixed-sex prides, females do much of the hunting.

We’ve mentioned lions here before at WEIT, including the almost mythical spotted ones.

14 thoughts on “Caturday felid: lions

  1. Glad to see you among the living Jerry. Stay well!

    BTW, attended an unavoidable Jehovah’s Witness funeral this weekend. The minister spoke of the end times, how the meek will inherit prime real estate contracts, and how all lions would eat straw.

  2. Was at the Milwaukee zoo for the first time over the summer. Loved the big cats there, but I felt bad for them, being in those smallish enclosures. The African savanna painted on the background of their pens made it seem especially sad. I was surprised since most of the other animals at that zoo get larger outdoor areas.

    1. The lions have an outdoor area too. The lions’ inside area is large in my estimation (but not as large as what the Milwaukee tigers’ have).


      1. Kinda destroys that whole majesty illusion there… 🙂

        Actually, just reminds me again of how fascinating predators are.

  3. When it comes to the felines at the Milwaukee County Zoo, I far prefer the Amur Tigers. Truly magnificent animals.

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