13 thoughts on “Pre-op footwear

  1. Very smart – so shiny I can almost see my refection in them! They will make you take them off though, & give you disposable hospital slippers.

    Is the Ben-Barak microbes book any good?! Or do we have to wait for a review to appear?

  2. We may both be sedated at the same time. In theory, my intestines are squeaky-clean, and dad will be here any minute now to pick me up and take me to the facility.

    It will be what it will be, but it’s pleasant to pretend that wishing us both an uneventful day will result in such an outcome — so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

    Good luck, and may the gods smile upon us both!

    At the least, Baihu was purring upon my shoulders a moment ago, so I’ll take that as “close enough.”



    1. My doctor told me that I had a “nice looking colon.” Unfortunately, I was still too out of it for a snappy comeback.

      1. He’s had years to practice that line – I am sure he would have been prepared! Let us hope Ben’s was as attractive!

    2. Thanks, all. I got a clean bill of health. I remember nothing of the procedure and very little of the time since then — not even of waking up after, getting in the car, that sort of thing.

      I’m glad I don’t have to go through it for another decade. It wasn’t so bad that I wouldn’t do it again if the alternative was death by cancer. But “none of the above” is certainly my favorite option.

      I’m also hoping that there’re improvements in the coming decade….



      1. Glad to hear it!

        You’re a lot more responsible than I–but the more we hear of it, the more we’ll be stirred to get around to it, I guess; so you’re performing a public service. 😀

  3. Good thing they weren’t stolen while you were sedated.

    So, what was your experience with unconsciousness like? Aside from being completely aware, I mean.

  4. Best wishes from a frequent lurker.

    The big question – what variety is the liquor in the literature cabinet?


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