A final lunch in Colombia

November 20, 2010 • 3:05 pm

A number of delightful Colombian friends took me to the Spanish fort today (photos tomorrow) and then to what Hitch would call “an estimable luncheon” at the Naval Club.

Jugo: watermelon slurry.  What a delicious drink!

First course:  crab soup, Caribbean style, with spices and (I think) a bit of sherry:

Main course: filet of sea bass with garlic sauce, patatas fritas and, of course, the ubiquitous patacones:

Finally, my stay in this wonderful town would have been much poorer without the hospitality and ministrations of my friends; from left to right they are Ivonne Corea, Hortencia Barrios, Silvia Jiménez, and Luis Caraballo (who also dined with me yesterday).  Muchas gracias, amigos.

6 thoughts on “A final lunch in Colombia

  1. I’m selfishly glad these food posts are coming to an add. It’s sad eating my grad student diet of peanut butter sandwiches or pasta while drooling at your posts 😉

    Seriously though, I appreciated the posts. Very cool getting a glimpse at the food from a different culture.

        1. I doubt that I’ve gained a pound. I eat only one large meal a day, and spend a lot of time walking about. I haven’t noticed that my trousers have gotten any tighter.

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