Hasta la próxima, Bogotá

November 17, 2010 • 8:35 am

I’m off this morning for the Caribbean coastal town of Cartagena, but it’s sad to leave the delights of Bogotá.  It was a wonderful visit, with friendly and hospitable faculty at the Universidad de Los Andes.  Here’s a bit of the campus nestled in the verdant Andean foothills.

And a taste of posts to come, including frutas, aves, y ranas. Here’s a hungry (or peeved) Hemiphractus fasciatus:

A special h/t to the U. de l. A. faculty, and my hosts, Andrew Crawford and Vicky Flechas

12 thoughts on “Hasta la próxima, Bogotá

  1. What is that frog? I remember something in a Durrell book (The Drunken Forest I think) about his capture of a frog roughly matching this description, claimed by locals to be venomous. In order to demonstrate its harmlessness he stuck his thumb in its mouth and instantly regretted it, since its jaws were incredibly strong – he likened it to smashing his thumb with a hammer. Can’t bring the name to mind right now – one of the horned frogs?

  2. All I knew about Bogota is that when Rush was on its train to Bangkok, it was their first stop–to check the Columbian fields. And now I see there’s so much more. Like that frog. That frogbert ought to be the model for a Gummi Frog. Seriously. That’d be the best Gummi Frog ever.

  3. Bogota is a special city. It’s a great place to visit if you’ve got a local to show you around.

    What a tourist destination Colombia would be if not for the security issues.

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