Dinner in Bogotá

November 12, 2010 • 8:41 pm

At Fulinatos, a restaurant in the Candelaria section serving the traditional food of Cali.

Drink:  a juice made with lulo fruit (“naranjilla”), pineapple, and corn. Muy rico!

Appetizer:  Aborrajados de plátano maduro: fried plaintain stuffed with cheese.

Main course.  In Rochester, New York they’d call this the “garbage plate;” here it’s the traditional bandeja vallecaucana, with everything under the sun:  several types of sausage, shredded beef, rice and beans (oy, do they know how to do beans in Colombia!), egg, avocado, and plantain.  If you’re gonna have one of these for lunch or dinner, you need to skip the other meal.

8 thoughts on “Dinner in Bogotá

  1. Yum! But I can’t look at an avocado anymore without recalling a dinner party I went to once. The bottom line is, if you have an avocado that isn’t ripe, don’t microwave it! That just makes the avocado angry.

  2. Loving the food posts, I think getting to try different foods is one of the best things about traveling. As a vegetarian I am particularly loving all the non meat dishes.

  3. That looks good! but I’m from Colombia and I really don’t know what the difference is between the “Bandeja Vallecaucana” and “Bandeja Paisa”… they look the same to me unless the one on the picture is actually a “Paisa”. Any Colombians want to share in?

  4. There’s a Colombian restaurant here in Houston that serves the “Ranch Worker” plate somewhat like this. Optionally you can get what I call “el heart attacka” which is some deep fried part of pig that it will put a smile on your face that the mortician will have a difficult time removing.

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