The treats of Colombia

November 9, 2010 • 7:08 am

I have discovered the patacon, a sort of savory tortilla made from deep-fried plantains, mashed into a disk, fried again, and then topped with various goodies. This one has guacamole.  Muy delicioso!

Mini-patacons are also served as appetizers, or with drinks.

13 thoughts on “The treats of Colombia

  1. I’m sad to report to you that that is a very UN-traditional patacón (or, “patacón pisaó” as some also call it).

    It’s not supposed to be even remotely “tortilla-like”, it’s simply sliced green plantains fried, mashed between two heavy objects, then fried again. More like very thick plantain chips, maximum 3 inches in diameter. Also, they are never topped with anything, especially guacamole, which is a Mexican food.

    Still, as nontraditional as that concoction may be, it looks delicious.

  2. Persea americana… mmmm – supposed to be good at lowering cholesterol & improving blood pressure according to a recent experiment on rats – Advances in Biological Research 4 (2): 116-121, 2010!

    On a base of Musa × paradisiaca (I had to look that name up!). I suppose they use sunflower oil for frying?

  3. Yeah a friend/weed dealer used to make them, more according to John A’s formulation. I got the recipe and hope to try to do them up once I get the chance. He’d roll them under a coffee cup. Delicious!

  4. Jerry I would like to thank you for having such good taste in food, shoes, and I suppose also philosophy.

    I saw this and I of course immediately needed to try it. The only place in NYC that I can find these is Bogota on 5th Ave in Brooklyn. I’m letting you know to save you all of 30 seconds of googling, if you ever wanted to find them, I suppose? I think I’m just excited.

  5. My wife is from Cali, and these are ubiquitous down there. I see them everywhere. Although I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with guacamole. There are a couple varieties. The small, 2-3 inch ones that people eat as a side dish (like fries), typically salted, and then the large ones like the one pictured, upon which different sauces, meats, and cheeses are spread. Both are very tasty.

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