28 thoughts on “I haz a priez

  1. Nice honor, lousy photo.

    1. Needs better lighting for the plaque.

    2. Crop bottom edge higher so the floor doesn’t look like a big… floor…hanging between your legs.

    1. Well, Linda, now we know where your mind is…:D

      My first thought was that it was a pretty cool composition–CC & plaque nicely juxtaposed, & I’m always fond of the t-shirt & jeans look on Ivy League-pedigree profs…

      Oh, and well-deserved congratulations, Jerry! CSH made a smart choice.

  2. Proudly awarded and proudly accepted, as it should be among felids.

    the Lord Cat

    The species character is open to interpretation. A trinitarian kitteh would be, I think, “Dam, Kitteh and Felis Catus”.

  3. Congratulations. It took a while to get that to you, didn’t it?
    It’s November. 2010.

    I’m finally about to read WEIT. It’s on hold at my library. Sorry I haven’t bought it, but plan to do that eventually(if I like it :)).

    1. If the award required Ceiling Cat’s approval, the delay could be explained as due to that nasty incident in which Coyne asked readers to support the certainly less than all knowing Maru. Coyne appears to be knowing the truf now.

      I think you will enjoy WEIT!

  4. Congratulations, Jerry! No award was ever so richly deserved. Like mike m@10, WEIT’s at the top of my list for others to read too.

    BTW: that’s a great shirt!

  5. Great book and award deserved, congratulations!
    By the way, I couldn’t find that version of Ceiling Cat T-shirt (in my opinion the best) . . .

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