Caturday felids: Maru sells out (plus reader bonus)

October 23, 2010 • 4:56 am

Okay, this is bad.  World famous Japanese cat Maru, who has his own blog, has just appeared in a Fresh Step cat litter commercial aired in the U.S.  The video shows his spectacular box-diving talents, but how much money did he make? Did it go to his owner or to him? And will it be used to feed the boy up, making him unable to jump into boxes?

I’m worried that success will spoil Maru. His owner already follows him into his litter box with a camera, turning what should be a moment of blissful privacy into an international spectacle.  And she’s posted photos of Maru’s butt, objectifying the poor boy.

And this, courtesy of reader Martin who photographed a store in Kyoto, Japan that sells maneki neko, or “good luck cats”.

We all need one of these; here’s mine:

Do remember that you can send me your cat-related photos. I can’t promise to post them, but if they’re cool they stand a good chance.  And soon we’ll have a reader’s cat contest, where your own puss can vie to become Top Cat.  If you have a beloved felid, by all means photograph it in a winsome pose.

13 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Maru sells out (plus reader bonus)

  1. Hah! Adorable cat. Also, we both seem to have a similar penguin collection- I love the dude with the orange/black hair. I will try not to let this bias me with group-identification, though it may tip the scales into me getting copies ‘WEiT’ for certain relatives for the holidays.

  2. Sorry, I’m fresh out of butt jokes; though I suspect they are littering about somewhere.

    So, Top Cat – survival of the kittiest!?

    1. I brayed at the christian dog, which resulted in a message beam hitting me in the feelings. The message said; your sister is a computer geek or has some connection to a computer geek or your sister is not male.

      If any of that is remotely true, it is christian proof that dog is.

  3. What’s with the too-full litter boxes that never get foot-prints in them in that ad? Is this some cruel joke in which the boxes are actually filled with cement?

  4. Off Topic But I’m sure that Kitteh the Chemist would approve.

    There are only 2 kinds of people in the world. There are Chemists and then there is Everybody else. HAPPY MOLE DAY.
    Atheist & Proud
    Denis C

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