12 thoughts on “Moar divine intercession

  1. Excellent! Reminds me of the time I was stung on the shoulder by a jellyfish in Malta and the scar was in the shape of a jellyfish, complete with tentacles!

  2. Would we be able to see the effects of Ceiling Cat’s paw on the DNA of that kitteh? This could be a great test of whether Atheism Type 1 or Atheism Type 2 is the correct form.

  3. Could the apple mark have been due to another close apple blocking the sun and slowing ripening? They are often in pairs or threes. The kitteh however is clearly a miracle.

  4. The apple is very common. I is simply caused by a leaf blocking the sun. Usually a dead leaf gets wet and sticks to the apple. Now if the cat had a black stripe on its leg with a hook on the end, that would be a clear miracle.

    1. Dang, you beat me to it – I was going to say it’s Top Cat but he’s the wrong color.

      As for the apple – that’s a “miracle” which is repeatable and hardly surprising for anyone who’s had an apple tree.

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