Flushed with victory: Aussie firemen save trapped kitten

October 19, 2010 • 6:02 pm

Okay, we’re not the Daily Mail, but in this dire election season we need a sensational and heartwarming story. Here it is: after five hours of arduous effort, eight firemen in New South Wales rescued a newborn kitten accidentally flushed down the toilet by a toddler.  The site has a swell three-minute video showing the whole rescue.  Advance Australia fair!


21 thoughts on “Flushed with victory: Aussie firemen save trapped kitten

  1. Saw the kid on Aussie morning television. Her mother said she’s obsessed with the toilet and flushes down everything she can find.

    She may not understand the consequences of her actions, but the flushed kitty was no accident.

  2. Fantastic, expensive & highly trained rescue technicians wasted rescuing a semi drowned kitten. What would’ve happened if they had a “real” emergency to attend? Would society has gmebody have died?
    I see Australia has got it’s priorities in order, drowned kittens & “saint: Mary McKillop.

    1. If another emergency had cropped up, they’d have stopped the cat rescue in pretty short order. I haven’t seen any subsequent articles entitled “Firemen ignore burning orphanage to save kitty, death toll: 16 and rising” or similar, though, so this exercise in “what ifs” seems a bit pointless and your entire post a lot callous. Your righteous indignation, however, is noted.

        1. Actually, it’s a fallacy of false dilemma. It’s not stupid, it’s before stupid (a non starter) – it’s not even stupid.

  3. Sorry, a glitch in my last post.
    meant to say “would somebody have died”.
    I like kittehs as much as the next person but lets get our priorities in order.

  4. Pity toilets (ever US ones) are too small to flush most toddlers.

    And, Phil, go fuck yourself with a decaying porcupine. Sideways.

    1. Oh dear. Please let’s not degenerate into profanity; can’t we find other ways of expressing disagreement?! No more cursing like this.

      On another site the firemen said that had there been an emergency involving human life, they would have abandoned the kitten rescue, so there was no need to prioritize these things. It’s simply mean-spirited, then, to say that they should have let the kitten die.

      1. I’m disappointed in you, Jerry. You complain about the profanity, but ignore the threat of sexual violence?

        Gnu atheists are so horrible.


  5. Five hours? None of those guys ever remodeled a house…

    Twenty-minutes, tops. And ten of it to find the saws, crawl under the house and open the cleaning-trap to figure out where the kitten is in the pipe…

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