34 thoughts on “Footwear for the well-dressed scientist

    1. Jerry Jeff recommends getting your handmade boots from Charlie Dunn. Though I imagine Charlie’s not in business after all these years.

      Hey it looks like Jerry (Coyne) is getting ready to come down here to Texas and run for the State Board of Education!

      1. Charlie Dunn died a while back, but I’m having a custom pair made from his student and successor, Lee Miller (in Austin)

  1. There are many, many things which I agree of the opinions and statements made by Jerry Coyne. Sartorial matters are not amongst that vast set of agreements. Diversity is grand.

      1. Very true, but Hawaiian shirts were out last year too, and the year before…and the 50 years before that. 😉

      2. In my perfect world, boots & jeans would be de rigueur.. Weddings, stall cleaning, thesis defense, whatever. All ya need is the right assortment–work boots, fancy boots, grungy jeans, dress jeans…

        1. Surely worn outside the jeans in that case? Particularly when mucking out neddy… – hang on – this is no longer about WEIT!

          …or is it?

          1. Uh, well, yes, of course. A totally different kind of boot, too. But given what one’s wading thru whilst mucking out a stall, perhaps still appropriate for a thesis defense…

    1. Smitty’s is better than Black’s (or Kreuz) in Lockhart, and The City Market in Luling is the best (I’ve never had better BBQ anywhere).

    1. Yes, Abbeh, I have to: I’m the frickin’ president of SSE next year, and have to give the presidential address. I hope you won’t take it as an insult when I say that I wished the meetings were in New Orleans, or San Francisco, or overseas! However, I understand that Oklahoma City has a swell western heritage museum and that there is BBQ to be had.

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