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October 8, 2010 • 2:42 pm

Good news!: there’s a new translation of Why Evolution is True. Up to now it’s appeared in the following languages (besides English, of course):










Polish, and

Arabic (workin’ on it).

I proudly introduce the latest language translation:


Here’s the cover of the new edition:

h/t: Miranda Hale

44 thoughts on “New translation of WEIT

  1. Everyting iz moar true when kitteh readz eet in smartzbookz of smartzness!

    And no German yet…? 🙁 I’d happily translate it.

  2. Arabic?? Having lived in the arab world most of my life, I don’t know if they allow books about Evolution to be published. Religion is more important to them than science.

    1. This was a tough one but I think it’ll come through. That language, of course, is the one most important for translation.

      1. I really look forward to seeing WEIT in Arabic. I’ll definitely buy a copy and work my way through – what a fabulous way to get the (eveolutionary) biology vocabulary down!

      2. You will find a receptive audience among the educated elite.

        My Sunni in-laws are visiting from Beirut this week; my wife said that growing up, she was taught that evolution along with the rest of science were compatible with Islam, as the Holy Qu’ran says,

        “Who taught man what he did not know before.” —Qur’an, 96:5

        Google this to verify this view of Islam’s acceptance of newly discovered facts.

        You will also find, in my experience, about the same frequency of atheism among Muslims as there is in the U.S., where “Muslim” means cultural identify, not religious belief. A few evenings before my brother-in-law’s religious wedding ceremony, we all celebrated at a well-known bar in Achrifieh where over many cocktails a Shiite friend proselytized us about the many benefits of converting to Shiism. De facto atheist cynicism is also abundant in Muslims from other countries, though I really only have experience with the Levant, though I imagine what I say is ever more true in the Gulf.

        Good luck getting a solid Arabic translation. I know people in that business if you’d like a recommendation.

      3. While I agree with you Prof.Coyne that Arabic is a language that is spoken by a lot of people, But just like in translating any western book to Arabic, new words have to be invented in order for the book to be written in it. As I am sure you know, Evolution is not taught – nor accepted – in the Arab world, so I wish your book would be more popular there than the origin – which is not popular-.

    1. Feh, look at ‘Your Inner Fish’. It was translated and it sold about twenty-three copies nationwide. Same for ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’, ‘The God Delusion’, et cetera. There isn’t that much of a market for these kinds of books, as there is no real controversy surrounding science in this country. Certainly, we have our share of nutjobs, but they’re few and tend to keep to themselves.

      I wish science books sold better to the Dutch general public, but alas. They’re too busy watching celebrities parade around on their televisions.

  3. That cat only believes it because he descended from the King of the Jungle instead of a bunch of monkeys.

  4. Non-overlapping magimasteriumz is moar better cos if u lapz to much and go lap lap lap lap lap you will hav no moar milk lol.

  5. I hope that you aren’t going to do what Michael Behe did when he put in his list of publications to demonstrate his qualifications as an ‘expert’ witness in the Dover trial by including ALL the foreign language translations of his “Darwin’s Black Box” (admittedly, his list of publications would otherwise have been reduced to 2, I think, from memory) … But what, no German?

  6. Please say this is for real.

    I mean, I def. want a copy in Hebrew, but in LOLCatz would be EPIC!

    Where do I buy it?


  7. As a french I feel quite fortunate that my fellow compatriots are not so much interested in religious matters but, I am very surprised and disappointed that there is no French translation of WEIT. I think there would be a market for it, in particular people such as my father who teaches biology.
    I think that is even more important, given a few recent attempts at spreading disguised ID nonsense on various newspaper.

  8. REQUEST – I have a house full of books, many of them about evolution and the philosophy of science purchased over the decades. The only way I’m buying books these days is in eBook form. I’d love to buy WEIT, however it isn’t available on the Kindle App for Australians. Is there some way you could ask the publisher to sort this out please. We are a nation of readers and early adopters. 😉

  9. “That language, of course, is the one most important for translation.”

    Why? – if you want to get to Muslims you need a version in Indonesian.

  10. What about FRENCH???
    I’ll start WEIT with my two bilingual (english) classes in Geneva so the English version is great.
    But when are you gonna propose a french version of WEIT so we could use it with our regular classes?
    Thanks for answering!!!



    1. I’d love it to be translated into French. But I cannot make it happen: some French publisher has to want to translate the book and go to my agent. If you know any science publishers, by all means let them know!

      1. Any news about a possible French translation of WEIT? I’ll need it for January 2012!!!
        Let me know!


  11. And every time there is a new translation (this is the best so far), I make a plea for the Kindle app eBook for Australians.

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