How they find us

Here are the search engine terms that people used yesterday to find this website.

There are some perverted cat lovers out there!  Well, whatever boosts the traffic:

Meowing cat butt pencil sharpener, with litter tray, available here.

21 thoughts on “How they find us

  1. I’m sure if you’d stop writing about naked cats and focused on more sophisticated cats, perverts would stop finding the site.

  2. Well, I’m glad I used a hot-link from Pharyngula all that time ago. (When he reviewed your book, I think.)

    Because I’d hate to have gotten here by things like “shaved cat” or “cat butt.”

    1. Did you miss out on the cat shaving post then? You might have to wait until the next summer to hear about them now.

  3. That’s good! ha … I’d like to think their fortunes all changed after searching for “cat butt”. But 9 people? …. Maybe the same guy kept wanting to come back and couldn’t remember your name.

  4. According to Google there are 733 “cat butt” searches every day. You should investigate where did the other 724 landed.

  5. So you mentioned ‘cat butt’ twice in your article so that will boost the relevance of your blog to searches for ‘cat butt’. There are six other mentions in the comments so far.

    And I mentioned ‘cat butt’ twice above so that’s +10 … oops +11.

    Pretty soon you’ll be at the top of the ‘cat butt’ (+12) ranking.

    1. No, no – there is no religion which prohibits the practice, so you can be a sadomasochist *and* believe in god.

  6. Not sure how ‘cat butt’ would have turned up weit in the first place. Probably don’t want to know, do I?

  7. If I could actually GENERATE cat litter by sticking a dull pencil in my cat’s butt, I’d seriously consider it.

    1. Under the heading of shameless self-promoting, my blog is often the Number One Google Hit for the phrase “rent a snake”

      Go figger.

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