30 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love

  1. Wow, a succinct review. One that is remarkably similar to one I’d give a book that shall only be known as “UA.” However, at first I couldn’t figure out why you had posted a photo of a wild bird with a Q-Tip protruding from its rectum. Somethings take a while to reparse correctly.

    1. And I thought I’d be the first to post about Q-tips.

      I stared at the picture uncomprehendingly… wondering WHO in God’s name would impale a poor little birdie like that?. It took maybe 10 dreamlike seconds until the Q-tip went away.

    1. I am an ex-Hindu. I cant believe someone would go and take up that crap. There are all kinds of Gods..surfeit of Gods. Hell man.. there must be some God for Eating (Vinayaka a.k.a Ganesh?), Praying, Loving (Kama?)

      1. I kind of like Ganesh. From purely an ascetic angle, of course. I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and right down town next to Caesar’s Palace there is a shrine to Ganesh. Odd place for it.

  2. Why watch something that, if each term is weighted equally, will only be 2/3 appealing? Far better to spend your time reading Bonk, which is all about sex, and very well done, too!

  3. Hmm, I’m a birder so I’ll remember this behaviour before I try to sneak up on this species from behind!

  4. It’s to keep the nest clean, of course.

    Birds of prey are well known for this; it’s termed “slicing” by falconers and ostringers. The distance a bird can slice is supposedly indicative of its quality – it shows stronger muscles, I supposed.

  5. A friend who puts stock in the supernatural read the book and came away with the same opinion, too, so perhaps here’s something both sides can agree on. Go figure!

  6. Funny shit o boy. I hit your link because I saw you sent The Trough 22 hits.

    But I am the culprit who put a palable face on EPL. The book is fake, the search even more fake. I spent 35 yrs in spiritual quest. Lived in ashram in Punjab for a month, been to India twice, Italy and a lot of other places.

    However, When my Indian Sikh guru died…I was free. Wrote about my experiences even though we were told not to. Someone should have given Gilbert same advice LOL.

    The best thing about film was Bardem and Bali. My writing snd reality are too heavy for Hollywood so suckers have to settle for the likes of a whiny white woman, nay two Liz and Julia.

    Ah, you get what you pay for.

    PS I thought it was bird crap coming out of the back of the bird. The birds around here fight over the cat food on the porch. Love birds.

    Heloise,,,keep it up.

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