Maru wins; prizes on!

August 12, 2010 • 5:50 am

With your help, Ceiling Cat got his furry butt handed to him on a platter last night.  Maru won Teh Catfight handily with nearly three-quarters of the votes:

Ceiling Cat did not go gentle; with his usual hauteur, he tweeted this yesterday:

What a pompous ass—and a creationist to boot!  We’re well rid of the spying fellow.

Give me a couple of days and I’ll select and announce the winners: an autographed copy of WEIT for Maru voters, a mint copy of Krista Tippett’s godawful book for Ceiling Cat voters.

13 thoughts on “Maru wins; prizes on!

  1. I’m glad to see that Maru won so handily, but a few words in praise of Ceiling Cat…

    There can be no question that by presenting scientific knowledge with reason and erudition, books like WEIT and The God Delusion have done a lot to get us off the cultural sandbar of Faith and Fear. But Ceiling Cat (read: YWJH), Happycat (read: Jesus), and Basement Cat (read: Satan), part of the flourishing photo and video sharing universe, have reduced the core tenets of Christianity to a punchline of crude humor for the new generation. It’s like, to quote from a comment on Pharyngula this morning, “being inoculated as a child with a deactivated strain of religion”.

    For example, here’s the opening of the Nicene Creed translated into Lolspeak, from the Lolcat Bible Translation Project:

    We blieves in one big kitteh, Ceiling Cat,
    who maded teh urfs an teh skiez
    an all teh cheezburgers an teh invizibul bicycles an stuff.

    Once heard, it cannot be unheard!

    1. I agree with you 100%. Ceiling Cat has been one of the best—and cerainly the funniest—opponents of religion that we have, and the LOLcat Bible is an absolute gem. Go look at it online here; it’s free, and hilarious. Pick your favorite Biblical passage, or just a random one, and see how it comes out in the kitteh version.

      But of course in this contest Ceiling Cat was our opponent, so we had to denigrate Him!

      1. For my favourite bible translation, I’m torn between the LOLcat bible and the Brick Testament ( “The world’s largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible” – done with Lego, quite accurately, but with a good dollop of irony.

        1. From last year:

          There are feminist Bibles and contemporary English Bibles and Bible “zines” for easy reading for kids and even a glossy new fashion-mag version, “Bible Illuminated: The Book,” which features photojournalism shots from around the world as well as celebs like Angelina Jolie, Bono and Princess Di to illustrate various New Testament stories. (The Old Testament arrives next year.) There is a Green Bible with an eco-message and a camo Bible (when things are slow on the deer stand, presumably). There’s a James Bond study Bible and just out is The American Patriot’s Bible, which retells the old story in a red, white, and blue cast.

          By the way, I should have written “YHWH” above, not “YWJH”. I wouldn’t want to be accused of not worshiping the wrong god!

      2. It occurs to me (a day late and a dollar short, as always) that the Ceiling Cat mythology could become the dominant religion a thousand years from now. Who could prove CC never existed? There’s plenty of proof he did. Or FSM. I would love to be there to see.

  2. Boo! Hiss!
    I voted for Ceiling Cat. Maru is cute & all, but if it’s a battle of cute, then I am HORRIFIED at the early elimination of Surprise Kitty, THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF CUTE!!! NO ONE should have bested SK. Ceiling Cat doesn’t jump out of boxes; he doesn’t have to. HE’S CEILING CAT. If he stops watching you masturbate, Basement Cat wins. DO YOU WANT TO LIVE AT THE MERCY OF BASEMENT CAT? I DIDN’T THINK SO.

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