23 thoughts on “Incompatibility

      1. “Conventional” suggests to me something that is the norm. I sometimes think the norm is the “religious” logic. That’s all I meant.

  1. My favorite rendition of the last line: “it your word against Jesus/Mohammad/St Agustine/etc.”

  2. That’s really good. We could even take it further to the God of the Gaps Logic:

    1) A picture of the happy person with a safe. The happy person declares possession of a baseball. Nonbeliever says to prove it.

    2) Happy person says the baseball is in the safe. Nonbeliever says to open the safe. Happy person says that the combination to open the safe is lost and is not currently known.

    3) Nonbeliever goes off to get a cutting torch. Happy person starts fuming.

  3. Where’s the accommodationist, stroking the hair of the religious while hitting the skeptic with a baseball bat?

    1. I’m sick to death of ‘tolerant’. There are things that do not deserve toleration and turning it into a blanket virtue is ridiculous.

      1. What other viewpoints can we tolerate? Anti-vaccination? Climate change deniers? Holocaust deniers? Birthers? Hooray for tolerance! Let’s be pragmatic and tolerate them all!

  4. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. It isn’t any more complicated that that. There’s nothing more to say.


  5. But you forget Jerry, baseballs are material objects. One can show the material. God is immaterial and thus completely different! 😉

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