5 thoughts on “Germany 3, Uruguay 2

  1. It’s been great to see Forlan do so well in the tournament. I lost track of him after his not very successful stint with United. Congratulations to Germany and kudos to both teams for their excellent contributions to the competition.

  2. Well, I can document that I predicted an open, tightly fought and very entertaining 3-2 for Germany, so beware Paul, you are not the only precongnoscenti here!…:)

    Overall, taking into account all the matches, Germany certainly deserved the Bronze, but as a representative of a small nation, I am really impressed by Uruguay: wonderful!

    And while I sort of cursed some months ago when Forlan plunged Liverpool (my favourite team since 60s; I do feel sympathy toward Barca because of their game and because Barca is owned by thier fans) to a deep crisis by scoring a superb goal at extra time at Anfield, Forlan can only be praised for his season in La Liga and in European matches. He has been quite brilliant.

    In this tournament Forlan has been immense and almost pushed this match to extratime, despite his slight injury…But kudos to all Uruguayans…

    Great game, let us hope that we shall see some of that entertainment and drama also tomorrow in the final!

  3. Ah, it’ll be sad when it is all over 🙁 But wait – New Zealand 2011, Rugby World Cup! Yeeeeeeeeesssss!

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