17 thoughts on “Friday noms

  1. Body of Christ…

    Squeak! Chirp! Munch…munch…

    Erm… sir, you have received the Body of Christ, now please return to your pew.

    Munch…CHIRP!… Squeak…munch…


    SQUEAK! Munch munch munch…


  2. OMG, I want one! I want one! I want one!


    (haha, you thought I wanted the fat marmot.)

    (well, truth be told, I do!)

  3. Nothing worse than a marmot. Little buggers will chew through your backpack to get at the little goodies inside if you don’t keep a eye on them. Heading to Glacier next week to hug the glaciers, wrassal grizzle bar’s and go on moose rides. Maybe even get a few marmots drunk and sing camp songs. Great blog and book BTW 😉

    1. Iz lolspeak for “teh good foodz.” As in the noise Cookie Monster makes when he eats: “Om-nom-nom-nom-nom!”

    2. Oh dear, Jason, where have you been on your hiatus–Mars? Josh’s explanation is correct, but i should add that “nom” can be either a noun referring to teh foodz (“I can has noms now?”) or a verb (“I want to nom a cheeseburger”).

  4. On the subject of noms and biscuits/crackers; shouldn’t jesus DNA show up in christian feces if they eat jesus slices?

    1. The Catholics have a ready answer for that one: Transubstantiation leaves the cracker with the “accidents” of crackerness, while imbuing it with the “essence” of Jesusness. And only the accidents have DNA, so you will only see the wheat genes.

      [disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Catholic church]

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