Ein deutscher Sieg!

July 3, 2010 • 9:52 am

Germany 4, Argentina 0.  The German team is a mighty machine; can anyone stop them?

CONTEST:  Pick the final two teams in the World Cup, the winner, and the score before any shoot-out.  (If you predict a tie draw after overtime extra time, then please include your guess about who will win on penalties.) Closest guess gets an autographed copy of WEIT; in case of tied entries, the first one wins.

Contest closes at midnight tonight Chicago time (Saturday, July 3).

87 thoughts on “Ein deutscher Sieg!

  1. The Netherlands 3 Germany 2

    Holland wins !!

    And yes, I would love to have another copy of your excellent book.

    1. Yikes, I better get in quick.

      Netherlands v Spain (1 – 1) after regulation and extra time.

      Netherlands win in penalties.

  2. Should have looked at the match draws before posting that…

    Lets say Spain – Netherlands, then, going 3-1 to Spain

      1. I guess it would be. I just found out they are meeting in the semi-finals and it’s impossible for them to both be in the final.


      1. Whatever do you mean? I’m sure these are the numbers I’ll see on the frontpage of the Pyongyang Herald.

  3. I’m going for Holland Vs Germany in the final, and the score will be 2-1 to Holland after extra-time.

  4. stupid. Germany can’t play Spain in the finals. I correct my guess to Germany 1, Netherlands 0

  5. PZ riding his pet Cephalopod Vs Ken Ham riding his 3000 year old Triceratops. 16-0 to the Biologist blogger and the Giant Squid. The Creationist to score 10 own goals!

    By the way, if you hadn’t guessed my serious prediction is the one above.

  6. Do we still get autographed copy of WEIT if we happen to live in England. Please tell me this isn’t a US thing!

    By the way, can somebody please tell Jerry that it is “a draw” rather than “a tie” and also it is “extra-time” rather than “overtime”. Sorry just needed to get that off my chest.

    1. Richie P,
      Is evolution a US-thing ?
      Don’t think so. I live in Holland and I want my autographed copy !
      Holland 3, Germany 2 (as I allready wrote above)

    2. Are you feeling a little better over there after Argentina had a somewhat worse showing against the Germans? Or are we still not talking about it?

      1. Erm… let me think who was that team that they beat in the last 16 again. Some imposters wearing red shirts if memory serves.

          1. Erm…yes. If only Germany were on the other side of the draw. We might have made it to the Semis. Probably not though.

    3. Yes, of course you can win if you’re overseas. I’d be pretty chauvinistic to limit this to the US, wouldn’t I? (Plus the guesses wouldn’t be as good.)

      As for my terminlogy, I stand corrected.

      1. Sorry. No offence. It’s just that we often feel left out on these US sites us Brits. I could just be speaking for myself though? Am I insecure?

  7. I couldn’t care less. After Italy were ousted, nothing semms to matter anymore. Except Jerry’s book. Can I have my book now,pleae?

  8. Germany 2-2 Holland after extra time, Germany to win on penalties.

    If I win I’ll give my own copy of WEIT to an 88-year old Christian who reversed into my parked car the other day causing £250 worth of damage. Of course, he believes it was pre-ordained and seems to have made it his mission to (re)convert me.

  9. Germany – Netherlands 4:1
    no extra time
    Y’all know how it works… 22 guys chase after the ball, and in the end Germany wins! 😉

  10. In the immortal words of Gary Lineker:

    “Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.”

  11. Uruguay over Germany 2-1… in the case of a tie and PKs, Germany wins the shootout 4-3.

    Not likely, but I must pick something different! 🙂

  12. As Peter the Octopus has not shared with me what really will happen (although PZ Myers, who really should know, claims that Peter is just covertly using the best public information and then making his calls), I have to use my frustratingly unreliable crystal ball.

    But this is what I see, through a glass darkly: 1974 WC final revisited, but now the roles reversed. The Dutch will win 2-1 in extra time, the match being 1-1 after the normal playing time.

    And yes, when you sign your autograph, a greeting from the kitty would be appreciated, too. Not least because they are rumoured to be knowledgeable on footy, too. According to these anonymously meouwing sources, while appealing to referees etc. is often a successful way to get some goodies, appealing too often to Ceiling Cat is a very bad idea. Apparently Ceiling Cat fully expects the worshippers to put their hands where they deliver, so to speak. Hence mere praying and raising hands above heads bores Ceiling Cat to irritation or worse.
    That is why Brazil is out, it is all due to Ceiling Cat becoming angry to them…

  13. Since Germany-Netherlands 1-1, 0-1, and 1-0 seem to be taken, I will go with 0-0, Germany wins in shoot-out.

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