8 thoughts on “I iz on Twitter

  1. I for one find Twitter pretty useful. That’s mostly through links to stuff on the web I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, but I’ve had some success using it as a filter for research papers—if I only read the ones my colleagues “tweet”, I feel pretty satisfied that I’m keeping up with the field without wasting my time sorting through all the bad/irrelevant stuff. I find stuff coming from NSF folks is pretty useful, too. I follow an NSF PO for my home program, so I know when to expect the rejection notices 🙂

    If I were to break down the people I follow into categories and describe each one’s utility, it might be something like this:
    1. friends (for keeping up in general)
    2. research colleagues (for keeping up with trends in my field)
    3. funding agencies (for keeping up with trends in funding/program announcements/etc)
    4. researchers in other fields (different perspectives; interesting links)
    5. people related to various hobbies/pastimes (for keeping up with those things; interesting links)

  2. I’ve been tweeting for a little while. I try to tweet for business purposes or about local events. (I’ve yet to describe what I’m eating for dinner or when I’m about to shower)

    Like lylebot, I find it useful to get interesting information out there. PZ tweets his new posts.
    Most people I follow are in the landscape field and I get to see what they think is important.
    It does work as a bit of a filter.

    I’ve found Facebook a waste of time. I usually only add interesting links to that and very occasionally see what my “friends” are saying.

  3. Twitter is one of the first technologies that makes me feel old. I really don’t see the value in 140 character messages, and I really hate when blogger link to tweets as a source–when I click on a link I want more information not less, not a <= 140 character post. And as to keeping up with the latest posts, that is what RSS is for.

    /grumpy old man

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