9 thoughts on “Footy

  1. As much as I love the “beautiful game” I despise the not-so-beautiful acting. Players are supposed to get a yellow card for deceiving the ref, but I’ve only seen 2-3 cards given out for acting.

  2. It’s kind of interesting, perhaps someone can work out an equilibrium model on the benefits of diving and not diving.

  3. I hate to be that guy, but shouldn’t the Y axis read “number” of acting classes needed? I figure that if I give them a hard time at the grocery store (“10 items or less!”), I should be equal-opportunity and do it here, too.

  4. I just wish I had the courage to download and watch Twilight. I have one of the books here, though. I suppose I could try to read it.
    I suppose that for someone who cares as much about form as about content it can’t be any worse than Dan Brown’s atrocious attempts at forming sentences.

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