17 thoughts on “Get well, Hitch

  1. So now he’s in the hands of science-based medicine, which so desperately needs the rationality that he has championed.

    What is the reflection of a mind not discarded?

    1. I feel terrible for him.
      Yet this is a testimony that even though we strive to be rational, at the end of the day we are human.
      Case in point: Hitchens certainly knew that his vices of smoking and drinking would catch up with him one day. The rational choice would be to quit.

      1. He did quit smoking in 2008. I think he said it was harder than the water-boarding he underwent.

        1. When I met him in Mexico in November of last year, he was smoking. I don’t think the quitting was very effective.

          1. He was smoking while I spoke with him in March. I came close to scolding him to quit because we need his voice, but refrained. I hope that he’s better soon.

            1. If only every person who thinks about scolding smokers refrained. Most don’t, which is why I’ve taken up defensive scolding – criticizing my interlocutor’s weight, for example, since they must not know obesity leads to heart attacks, and anyway, since I’m “caring” that makes me exempt from ordinary courtesy and minding my own business.

      2. Yes, well, cancer have many causes. Correlation isn’t causation, and AFAIU EBM would be careful to make attribution on specific individuals.

        I’m fairly certain though that Hitchens will have to suspend his habits if he want to group with the best possible outcome at this point. So here’s to you, Hitch! [/raises water glass]

  2. I was going to go see him in Houston next Thursday for his book tour — even when I disagree with Hitch, he usually makes me laugh, and almost always makes me think. Hope he beats this thing. Even his response to the recommended chemo is classic Hitchens: “This advice seems persuasive to me.”

  3. “Tumor.Got.Smaller”

    Many believe Hitchens would be hearing these same words right now if he would only renounce his apostasy and agree to write for Templeton…at a properly contrite rate, of course.

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