Peregrinations: Portland

June 24, 2010 • 1:56 pm

I’m off tomorrow for five days at the Evolution meetings (Society for the Study of Evolution) in Portland, Oregon.  Time to hear some science, catch up with old friends, and eat good seafood.  With any luck I’ll be posting on some of the more interesting talks, but Drs. Cobb and Mayer may fill in as well.

7 thoughts on “Peregrinations: Portland

  1. Enjoy the seafood! If you run into any Metacarcinus magister, for my money it doesn’t hold a candle to Callinectes sapidus. They just taste dilute in comparison, as if each crab comes with the same amount of flavor – if you’re twice the size you’re gonna taste half molar (like wild vs. cultivated blueberries).

  2. We have the only American owned Saké brewery in Forest Grove (just outside of Portland) – you should go for a tour and tasting! 🙂

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