7 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Midgley

  1. Well, this cartoon could be in response to a whole slew of apologetic, accommodationists, faitheist or fundagelical pronouncements as well as Midgley’s.

      1. But that is awful, it claims atheism is proposing alternate gods (say, the devil opposite), not an absence of gods – “non-gods warriors”.

        I’m not a supporter of ageism as such despite that age related behaviors are observable; so it is a “relief” to note that Midgley seems to have these notions before (cf “scientism”, Wikipedia).

  2. I really love Jesus&Mo.

    Always a highly topical and insightful cartoon. Pure genius to be able to boil down volumes of blather (mine included, I must confess) into four concise, razor-sharp panels.

    I suspect the god-bots still won’t get it, no matter how evident it is.

  3. (The best defense of Midgley’s piece I’ve heard is this: “Well, she’s 91. What do you expect?”)

    Just like the best defense of Helen Thomas’ equally dimwitted statement is that she’s 89.

  4. I used to read The Guardian at one stage. Was it always this bad and I just hadn’t noticed because I was caught up in my own smugness at reading a ‘grown up’ broadsheet, or is this nuttiness new?

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