21 thoughts on “U.S. ties England

  1. did you know soccer is an English term? Twas slang, as in Ruggers. Soc being short for association. See what happens when you let people in striped scarves emigrate?

  2. We didn’t deserve to tie

    I think we deserved to win 2-1!!! We look forward to having you back.

  3. LOL, “we staved off a strong English offense to tie 1-1”. You’d be laughed out the pub if you said that – we’re divided by a common language for sure!

    The US are an excellent team and are only ranked 6 places behind England; the US deserved the point, just about. Well played. Hopefully we’ll both qualify.

    1. Being a Yank myself (and not particularly interested in sports), I had to look up the British use of the term to get your joke. That certainly is an inconvenient disparity in meaning.

      1. USA Holds England to a Draw

        We didn’t deserve to draw, but thanks to our keeper Tim Howard (and a howler from his hapless English counterpart)we survived strong English pressure to draw 1-1.

        Fixed it.

    1. They just have to hate everythiung they don’t underatand, don’t they?
      That said, yesterday wasn’t great football, but having a team that keeps England under sontrol is worth a compliment.
      AND America has the best WC song.
      Even though the rest of the world is glad there is something you are not dominating 😉 … I’d be willing to support the team, as long as tehy don’t play against Germany 😉

      1. I really hope the USA doesn’t have to play Germany, FrankNStein. They looked scary good yesterday. If they keep playing at that level, there’s no telling how far they can go.

  4. I take ‘offence’ at ‘offense’. Webster has a lit to answer for.

    Whilst it is true that the US played well, especially when ‘attacking’ their ‘defence’ became weaker as the game progressed and to be fair, goalkeeper’s cock-ups apart, England should have scored at least 4 goals. On the night 1-1 was a fair score.

  5. I hate North American terms used in FOOTBALL…lol

    It’s not an “offense”, it’s an “attack”

    It’s not a “tie” it’s a “draw”.

    Oh and I’m also Scottish so I’m still LMAO at the goal Rob Green let in. (Or was it a “score”?)

      1. LOL… The only group we’re in is the “group booking” of a holiday.

        It is cheaper that way after all.

    1. I’m a Jock too! I take offence at the cr4p that has been fired at the poor chap in goal for Engerland! After all, he was the last in line – not the ONLY one. Where were the defence? and why were the forwards not scoring?

      As an ex goalkeeper at school, I have every sympathy for him.

      But the result was great!

      My English team won at the weekend though – McLaren F1. 🙂


  6. England should have scored again in the second half (in particular, Heskey and Johnson’s shots were disappointing). That said, I thought the USA played pretty well throughout, and when Altidore blew past Carragher and broke for goal, it seemed like they were certain to take the lead. The remaining group matches are winnable for the Americans and English, and I hope they both qualify.

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