16 thoughts on “My finest hour

  1. Thank goodness for that. For a second I thought Stoppard was a surgeon proudly showing off the results of the first complete nose-flower transplant.

  2. For a horrible moment I thought it was Roger Scruton . . . then I reasoned he would never carry a shoulder bag.

  3. Chance encounter, or at the same meeting?

    And what are you standing on – a giant ping-pong table?

  4. I heard it was Stoppard who froze in his tracks, pointed and shouted,

    “OMG, it’s Jerry Coyne!!!”

  5. There must have been a moment, when I first saw the photo, when I could have said “Stoppard.” But somehow I missed it.

    Sad thing is, I’m a big fan and saw him delivering a lecture not long ago at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Further evidence that I’m horrible with names and faces.

  6. I had to follow the link to the Gay Otters. I didn’t even know there was a zoo in Nelson (about 100km west of here), let alone that it had otters, let alone gay. The wonders of automatic link generation.

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