15 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n Mo ‘n Gould

  1. The fact that Jesus has a habit of referring to “God” in the third person makes me wonder if the author is a Mormon.

    1. How about someone raised in/around the Hindu persuasion? The 3rd person syntax resonates, and the British connection easily rides along free. Plus, according to Wikipedia, Ganesha made a one-time appearance.

  2. A really lazy cartoon, though. Identical drawing, not a flicker of emotion crossing their faces. Sub-Hanna-Barbera, which I didn’t think was possible.

    Still, I admire his courage in portraying the Prophet at all these days.

    1. Yeah, these comics aren’t really about the artwork so much as the ideas conveyed. It could be drawn with stick figures and still be a great series.

  3. I admire his courage in portraying the Prophet at all these days.

    If you chose to be part of the problem instead of part of the solution, why are you interested in atheist blogs?

    Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh was, according to all accounts, a religious nut, warmonger and pedophile, and Mo is a very kind portrait of the old bugger.

    1. Mohammad massacred hundreds of Khyber Jews in one days.
      He would be standing trial for war crimes if he lived today.

  4. As long as we’re going to revisit NOMA, I’ll reiterate the obvious point that only religion can answer a great many questions of crucial importance, such as what is God’s plan for our lives, what we must do to be saved, and why we can’t eat bacon cheeseburgers.

    1. Oddly, in the South it seems that some Republicans have taken upon themselves to defend their God-given right to live and eat unhealthily and to celebrate this lifestyle. So I’m pretty sure that God, this side of the BC/AD divide, is in favor of bacon cheeseburgers.

    2. If you consider the range of things that have been done from a sense of religious obligation, God approves of practically anything at all!

      1. Very true.

        God would seem to be schizophrenic as well. I recall both sides during the debate to abolish slavery in the British Empire saying there was biblical approval for their positions.

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