Caturday felids: Cattooes

May 22, 2010 • 5:49 am

What better way to show your love of kittehs than to have one painfully and indelibly inked on your body?  Among dozens of cattooes on the Web, these have special merit:

Simple but stylish:

Even simpler (looks like Simon’s cat):


Goth cat:


Special merit for cuteness:

Most artistic:

Most painful:

Cheshire cat 1 (my favorite):

Cheshire cat II, from the video game American McGee’s Alice:

Cheshire cat III, Most Elaborate Award:

Finally, Most Bizarre. Kudos for the ailurophile who has to sport this for the rest of his life:

13 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Cattooes

  1. I like the “painful” one, sort of combine the natural and the artistic cat tattoo. Also, cat scratches by themselves becomes “catches”, which isn’t so catching.

  2. Like the first one best, though I can’t imagine doing anything that permenant, I get bored to quickly.

  3. Is it just me? Or can anyone else see the (seated, fully robed) “Virgin Mary” in that last one – with the cat’s backside based around the chap’s belly button?


    PS. I much prefer reptiles & dogs to be honest!

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