23 thoughts on “Forbidden love

    1. I go to cardiac rehab, Mon, Wed, Thurs at 8:30 am for 12 weeks. I will be done next week. Is that what you mean, artikcat?

      1. The kittie/puppy fantasizing must fall under a category in the last shrink’s diagnostics manual of mentalities.

      2. OT:I hope you continue the exercise when you have finished your rehab programme; good luck for the future.

      3. Thanks, Ian. I have the gym all lined up. One heart attack (2002) and one cardiac arrest (2010) is more than enough for me.

  1. I protest the stereotyping.

    Obviously we are to presume the male is on top, as he is reading a paper under the act. That is so last millennium.

    Also, it is stretching suspension of disbelief to suggest the ginger ‘tal was much of a reader.

  2. Hahaha – the ad I get below it is “The Answer that Saves the World!” I guess it’s a case of “make love, not war”. Or in this case a line from the 1980s GhostBusters movie would be apt: “… dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria!”

    I wonder if the ancient Ghostbusters shows are available on DVD – anyone remember those episodes which featured a “wooden steak”?

    1. On that I think we can all agree, chihuahua included – better to be raped by a cat than have to look at the bedspread.

  3. It’s OK so long as it’s not a SAME SEX interspecies mating. That would be wrong. Read your Bible!

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