11 thoughts on “I haz card!

  1. It’s actually not a photo but a caricature I did of Jerry for Crispian’s brilliant cards. Believe me, you got off easier than some of the others *coughPhilPlaitcough*. In my defence I was pushed for time.. er..yes. 🙂

    1. Great job! I thought it was a doctored photo but now I’m even more impressed. You can see more of Neil’s caricatures here.

  2. Needs more hair.

    And I’d rather keep my PeeZeds than have Libetarians in my deck. Ewwww.

  3. As an arch enemy is someone to hone wit and skills against, having wet willies like cretinists as adversaries ain’t cutting it!
    Must be upgraded to the level of earwigs at least. Maybe even up to cockroaches (i.e at least someone like Baldric in Blackadder III).

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