10 thoughts on “World’s largest beaver dam found

  1. 2,790 feet long

    I must protest. Canada is a civilised country which uses the metric system.

    1. So do civilized beavers as well, since that is exactly 850 m. I think a US paper eager beaver has been at work. :-~

  2. Herbert Hoover, dam builder (since childhood) that he was, would have been impressed both with the beavers’ accomplishment and that it can be seen from space (something that I’m guessing can’t be said for Hoover Dam itself).

    The environmentalist in him (President of the Izzak Walton League before assuming the Presidency) would have been impressed too.

  3. an inaccessible part of Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada

    From cosy little Denmark such a place is hard to imagine.

    It’s one reason why trying to translate Danish “skov” to Swedish “skog” is horribly inappropriate. The latter means “forrest”, but the former covers both “wood” and “forrest”, except that we don’t have room for forrests in Denmark. /tangent

    1. But those forests of Quercus robur that you once had enabled Jens Munck to nearly (but for Vitamin C) claim Canada (or at least the surroundings of Hudson Bay) for Denmark!

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