8 thoughts on “Caturday felids: bafftime!

  1. Nooo! No baff!

    … and no ies. Had to clawfs ’em out after yo tubz peeping. Balloon huminz no fair.

    1. Esp an exceedingly hirsute huminz.

      I am addicted to this vid, it is so fantastic, all that steam (mercifully you can still make out the cats but not the huminz.) and the cats just chilling out superbly.

  2. The bearded guy is actually saying bathing, not back in. It just bad English (and quite typical mispronounciation for a Finn).

    -A Finn

  3. A tiger’s tongue barbs are said to be able to remove flesh. (A cat’s are pretty sharp, too.) Yet the cub seems to be OK with it. Just a matter of the mother’s judgment how hard to lick?

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