Felid contest winner

April 25, 2010 • 5:06 am

I haven’t yet picked a winner of the name-a-good-book-for-spring-reading contest: there are over 200 entries, and, as you might expect, this competition is very hard to judge. I’ll announce the winner when I return from Vancouver on Wednesday. The contest was closed, by the way, at 5 p.m. Friday, though if you want to tout one of your favorite books, by all means post on it.

However, there is a winner in the How-did-Charles-the-Cat-get-to-Chicago? contest.  Many of the entries were quite clever, but I judge Bimston‘s entry (post #12) the victor.  It clearly required a lot of thought, and was very clever, what with the names (Don Gato cartel, whiskertap, Fluffers Jimenez and all), and the intricate scenario in which Charles is tracked to Chicago by federal agents for possession of catnip.  Just an excerpt:

F. Jiminez apprehended after stakeout of Holiday Inn alley near Springfield, Ill. Jiminez and unknown felid resist apprehension, resulting in death of felid (traffic) as well as agents Sqeakers and Whiskerman (predation). Upon bath interrogation, perpetrator indicates that C. Alex left the day before and is likely headed north.

Informant Yippers *name redacted* reports seeing perpetrator in Chicago area while on her daily walk. Subsequent raid of nearby dumpster reveals evidence of predation (avian class 1, rodent) but olfactory and gustatory analysis (feces) indicates that C. Alex had abandoned the dumpster 36-48 hours previously. Whisker-tap indicates the perpetrator may be attempting escape into Canada.

“Bath interrogation” is mucho lolz: waterboarding for cats!

Bimston, whoever you are, please email me (my address is widely available on the internet) with your address.  An autographed paperback of WEIT will be sent your way.

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