Late Sunday Cephalopod

April 4, 2010 • 8:39 pm

by Greg Mayer

As a general rule, we here at WEIT eschew involvement with the more cerebral Mollusca, leaving such matters to PZ.  But the cephalopodous creations below adorn the Kohl Center at the University of Wisconsin, so PZ is not likely to see them, especially on the evening when Jon Losos took the photo, just prior to an 8-4 shellacking of Minnesota State-Mankato by the UW hockey Badgers.

The creator of this Cthhulonic congregation seems to have awaken from some dream of dread R’lyeh, and applied the nightmare image direct to the walls of the Kohl Center, only adding diverse colors to the cuttlefish-oid creatures to relieve the horror of his vision.

10 thoughts on “Late Sunday Cephalopod

    1. The “Mendota Wall” is indeed a Chihuly sculpture. Apparently, his inspiration was sea anemones, though there aren’t any in Lake Mendota.

  1. Abomination! Those look nothing like cephalopods!

    Next, I’m going to have to throw up some photo of matted fungal hyphae and call it a cat.

    1. If you follow the link provided so helpfully under the text “PZ” within the body of the article above, you too can help a little known blog catch a smidgen of a flare from the light of WEIT. May the kitteh guide your path.

      Ewe! That almost has a whiff of christianity to it, I’m going now to wash up.

  2. Love Chihuly’s glass. San Antonio has two major sculptures by him, one of course at the Central Library, and, fittingly, at the Museum of Art. I love them both and have spent as much time as I can manage studying them.

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