April 2, 2010 • 10:15 am

One thing I’ve noticed during the proliferation of teabagger rallies is that those people can’t spell. Well, maybe this is a general problem of Americans rather than right-wing loons, but look, if you’re gonna make a sign, could you please check the spelling?

Flickr has pictures of 60 hilarious teabagger signs.

48 thoughts on “Teabonics

  1. In all fairness, there is a faint E and an apostrophe tagged on to the first sign. This should give us hope that at least some of those in the Tea Party are literate.

    1. It’s a pretty lame fix though.

      The real heartbreak is the words that they do misspell. No 50 cent one in the lot…

      1. Given the echo chamber quality of conservative political discussion, perhaps that should be spelled “inframation.”

    1. I’d rather call it infoamation, like, these people are foaming at the mouth, all being well-infoamed.

  2. Teabonics“: a new meme is born.

    Thanks for the morning belly laugh! Perhaps there is a cottage industry for signmaking machines that incorporate spellchecking software…

    1. True, but I find that many dyslexics know they can’t spell all that well and are self-aware enough to check. Especially when something will be seen by people.

  3. By calling teaparty members derogatory names doesn’t affect the substance of their arguments against the most left-wing, Marxist, socialist, fascist, power-grabbing, big government president this country has ever seen (even if a lot of ’em can’t spell).

      1. What is moronic about not wanting the government to create a totally dependent class while having people who work for a living support those who are too lazy to work? All of this administration’s policies are about increasing government power by taking over private industries– auto, healthcare, energy, etc.,. What happened to rugged individualism and self-reliance?

        1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the able bodied pulling their weight, but what is wrong with the richest country in the world looking after the weakest members of society?

            1. Yeah! Look at how it has ruined Britain & Australia & Sweden & Denmark & … (!)

              Does “Liberalism” equate with “personal short-term selfishness” in the USA as I assume it to so do?

        2. Yeah. Tell me again that managing a hedge fund is “real” work. “Rugged individualism”… LMFAO!

          I think I’ll go to Vegas and do some real work on the roulette wheel.

          Please save your fatuous talking points for Fox News.

          1. Indeed, what does a hedge fund manager actually produce? Besides economic collapse that is!

            And the Australian health service is quite socialistic and works pretty well thank-you very much. No-one ever has to declare bankruptcy over their health bills on this side of the Pacific!

        3. Are there Poes in politics too? Impeccable lining up of big words-have to think is suspect.
          Oh, and the original name is teabaggers-“tea party people” was just an afterthought once they realized their chosen name might cause a “misunderstanding”.

          1. Oh yeah, I had to google teabaggers to find out what everyone was going on about (I’ve lived a sheltered life), I nearly died laughing!

        4. Look Hedge, there will always be freeloaders. I get that, I think we all do. But to say that as a blanket statement to excuse yourself from lending a hand or creating some sort of safety net for those who do work hard but do not make enough money to provide themselves or their families with healthcare is utterly wrong and callous.

          And honestly, if it means I lose a couple of hundred bucks a YEAR, in order that millions don’t have to live worried that just because they suffer a serious injury or illness that they might lose everything they’ve ever worked for, so be it. For all those tea-baggers, quit being so damn in love with your miniscule percentages of money and grow a damn heart already.

        5. Furthermore, Hedge, where are all the brilliant Captains of Industry issuing forth with their brilliant plans to increase the quality of life for people????? Last I heard, the auto, banking, and energy companies were perfectly happy to take bailout money (translation: corporate welfare) for their own economic failures.

          1. Auto companies had no choice to take bailout money because GM’s & Chrysler’s only option was to liquidate. Banks were also in dire straights although JP Morgan didn’t want the TARP money but was forced to take it anyways. There was no energy company bailout. The free market determines whether a company’s product is worthwhile, either their products are bought by customers or they go out of business. Innovative products improve the quality of life for those who buy them– how much do you love your iPhone? Those disgusting people at Apple, only interested in profits and not focused on improving people’s quality of life!

            1. Hedge, there are better words to describe what you call “rugged individualism”.
              When it is the working class people thumping their chests, opposing something in their own economic interest like healthcare reform, it is called machoism.
              When it is hedge fund guys taking advantage of such people it is called cynicism.

            2. I call political poe. Did Hedge seriously just say that bank bailouts were justified because the banks were in “dire straits”? How could a person willing to employ this logic oppose health care on the grounds that it poses an unacceptable risk to rugged individualism?

              Hold on – on further reading Hedgefundguy is either 1) ironic, 2) drunk, or 3) an idiot. Logical incoherence on this scale in a single paragraph could not be achieved by a sincere, sober, and intelligent person:
              “Auto companies had no choice to take bailout money because GM’s & Chrysler’s only option was to liquidate… The free market determines whether a company’s product is worthwhile, either their products are bought by customers or they go out of business.”

            3. “Auto companies had no choice to take bailout money because GM’s & Chrysler’s only option was to liquidate.

              The free market determines whether a company’s product is worthwhile, either their products are bought by customers or they go out of business.”

              Could you repeat that?

            4. Say what you like about hedgefundguy, but you have to admit that he is a master of well-infromed argument.

      1. *giggle* (Hedgefund guy appears to be in the running for a Dunning-Kruger award like those he defends–)

    1. Another person who has no idea what socialist (let alone Marxist) actually means.

      By the way, can you tell me where these teabaggers were when the previous administration granted itself powers to intercept any communication it wanted without warrant? When it decided to fund ridiculous military boondoggles like ballistic missile defence? When it handed out billions of dollars worth of contracts without public bidding to friends of the administration? When it invented new terms to classify people in order to avoid having to obey either the laws of war, or the civil laws?

      Or is this just the way the right is trying to out-crazy the nuts on the left from when Bush was president? So far, I think you’re winning. You’re making the ‘9/11 truthers’ look almost rational next to the death panels, secret muslim, birther, conservatives-in-concentration-camps, and secret communist conspiracy theories.

    2. Yeah, correct me if wrong, but didn’t the bank bailouts ($700B worth of them) start under Bush? Didn’t Bush tell us how necessary they were? Did you post similar (stupid) comments about Bush at the time? You Bushes and Hedges are getting too much of your infromation from Faux News. By the way, your tea is getting cold.

  4. Lol can’t say anymore, i mean I’m not even a native speaker but even I….
    really can’t stand that.

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