Biggest atheist meeting yet!

April 1, 2010 • 5:36 am

The Australian atheists meetings were ok, but over at Greta Christina’s column you’ll find an announcement for the biggest atheist meeting yet, taking place in 2011 at a location yet to be determined.  Sadly, I wasn’t considered important enough to speak, but I’m going nonetheless.  The snacks and dinners look especially cool: P.Z. is hosting a cheese and “crackers” social, and there’s a conference dinner featuring roasted babies in kitten sauce.

13 thoughts on “Biggest atheist meeting yet!

  1. Doesn’t the process of roasting the babies make it carcinogenic? I won’t attend unless they change it to baked babies.

    1. Kitten’s sauce is a potent anti-cancer traditional medicine, and the horoscope is favorable for RoastedBabies™, so, check-in ASAP

  2. Our meetings were just ok, huh?
    Well kw*k yourself sideways with a Leica rangefinder, Sir….:-)

    And besides, do take note, whenever PZ does a “cracker social” these days, he might bring Vegemite !

  3. roasted babies in kitten sauce.

    O Noez! You’re going to hear it from the pro-kitten lobby.

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