17 thoughts on “Jesus and Mo and Ratzi

  1. I am hoping he needs to GET legal guidance when he visits due to being arrested for crimes of cover-up and conspiracy.

  2. I would love to see Ratzi arrested in the UK, but I doubt it will happen. There would be so much backlash I don’t think the politicians would allow it to happen.

    I sure hope I’m wrong though; it would be a great precedent for holding religious organizations more accountable.

    1. Not just holding the organizations responsible but all the individuals directly or indirectly responsible for perpetrating and hiding criminal behavior.

    2. We’ve done it once with ex-President Pinochet of Chile.

      It probably won’t happen again but we can hope. Now wouldn’t that be fun.

      1. We’ve done it once with ex-President Pinochet of Chile.

        We did with a sitting head of state, Manuel Noriega in Panama — he’s still in prison in Florida.

  3. A necessary first step would be to stop recognising the Vatican as a sovereign state. We don’t do it for Sealand, and Taiwan, Kosovo, Moldova(?) &c have variable status. I don’t see why we shouldn’t treat VatCity differently from what Italy does. At least, I don’t think this is an EU issue yet.

    And dear god, would I love to see Berlusconi blow another fuse.

    1. It’s fun for us to fantasize about, but there is no way in hell that the Vatican would lose its diplomatic status, much less the Pope be arrested. It is a political impossibility.

    2. If we can invade Iraq on false pretenses, I don’t see why we can’t invade the Vatican to bring them to account for real crimes against humanity.

      (OK, this is just fantasy. We’ll just continue to kiss their asses as we always do.)

  4. It is an old saying that the Devil’s greatest trick was persuading the world that he didn’t exist but I think it was an even greater trick that the Church was able to persuaded the world that they were the ‘good guys’.

    1. OB, in the spirit of life imitating art I think you should start serving cocktails. And I want to reserve a stool at the end of the bar.

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