Richard Dawkins on Bill Hamilton

February 6, 2010 • 6:05 am

If you’re not an evolutionary biologist, or don’t know of Bill Hamilton, you can ignore this post, but if you recognize the name it’s worth listening to this 25-minute audio cliip from a recent BBC program.  In it, Richard Dawkins discusses and praises his late colleague, the brilliant and eccentric biologist William Hamilton. Mary Bliss, Hamilton’s sister, also chimes in.  I won’t describe Hamilton’s many achievements (and quirks) here, as Dawkins and Bliss do that very well.

h/t: Matthew Cobb

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      I have read your single (!) comment to this post many times since this was posted. (I revisit this post for personal reasons), I have always not bothered replying until now because I assumed you must have simply answered it yourself. But in case not, yes, that Bill Hamilton.

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