15 thoughts on “Darwin in Baltimore!

  1. Why are the photos always so blurry? That one looks more like princess Diana to me (but that might just be the cataracts).

  2. Wouldn’t Charles Darwin being alive prove some form of creationism??? 🙂

    Separately, you all might be interested to hear that out here in fundamentalist WA state, one of the local churches showed the Hitchens/Wilson “Is Christianity Good For The World” last night. I still haven’t seen it so I had planned to attend. I spent the whole morning preparing — watched the 13 minute preview available online and read the whole exchange between the two in Christianity Today.

    I got there and the thing was sold out (they rented a theater). So I didn’t get in. Lesson: either the fundies take atheism seriously as something to contend with or they all thought it would be a freak show/comedy situation they could be entertained by.

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