Panda genome revealed

January 20, 2010 • 4:52 pm

If you’ve liked Matthew Cobb’s posts here (and what’s not to like?), you should keep up with his Z(“Zoology”)-letter website here.  No godless persiflage, just good solid evolutionary biology.  Today Matthew writes about the genome of the giant panda,  just published in Nature.  Does it have genes that help it digest bamboo?  Why is the sequence so heterozygous?  And how did they do it so cheaply?  Check out his post.

Fig. 1.  They found some of Gene Simmons’s DNA in there too.

One thought on “Panda genome revealed

  1. Perhaps with ID we can get away from a mechanism that explains the lack of foresight in the “design” of genomes (ex. nothing to assist bamboo digestion in Panda genes) to questions of what prevents the Designer from having foresight.

    We can ponder whether God the Designer is an idiot savant, or just an idiot. Biology will have to become theology, of course.

    The one thing that will always be clear is that there is nothing at all to commend respect for the Designer.

    This is why it is that although science may in fact have no room for theology, it’s still bad theology to deny evolution (of the non-magical kind). ID is blasphemy against God, in fact.

    Glen Davidson

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