A website Jerry might like

January 14, 2010 • 10:14 am

by Greg Mayer

Following some links from PZ, I ran across this website: Skepticcat. It’s got cats and skepticism. Sample text:

If LOLcats ebolbed from tigers den y r there still tigers?

Sample image:

[The lolcat is a comment on Pat Robertson saying that the Haitian earthquake is Haiti’s just desserts for its sinful past (2 posts). Robertson’s abysmal ignorance is signalled by, among other things, his saying that Haitian independence was won from Napoleon III, who wasn’t born until 4 years after the successful end of the Haitian war of independence, while his moral decrepitude is signalled by his main claim.  On this matter, see also PZ, Andrew Sullivan, Ta-Nehisi Coates (2 posts), and Rachel Maddow (2 posts).]

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