15 thoughts on “A new year’s wish

  1. There used to be a children’s clothing store in Harvard Square that at Christmas had a window display entitled “Peas on Earth”. It had an idyllic snow-covered scene below, but the peas descending from above were large, and had evil, menacing expressions. Their alien-ness was reinforced by the green color– kind of reminiscent of the scene in the movie Independence Day when the alien ships descended and hovered over the Earth’s cities.

    1. You obviously haven’t met my sister’s green bean eating tomcat.

      Try looking for broccoli and kitten on YouTube/ICHC.

  2. Oooh, I love a good pun, and by good I mean groaningly bad: this, at least this early in the year, is the year’s best: whirled peas, with picture to match! There is now more than the obvious reasons I return to this blog (my bad sense of humour?)

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