5 thoughts on “Best kittehs of 2009

  1. Happy Monkey!

    Didn’t snap any more photos of all my sister’s all too many cats this Christmas, but I did have to get a few of the calf, if that has any interest.

  2. I can see the list on buzzfeed site, and see surprised kitteh got 4th place, but cannot see many of the embedded vids. Work’s firewall? Of BF site? Who knows.

    My personal fave was “Inspired by Kittinz” but will need to track down the two that allegedly are better.

  3. Internic’s whois service has;

    No match for domain “WWW.BUZZFED.COM”.

    so it seems the embedded urls may be mistyped. I may be wrong and that is a virtual site hosted by buzzfEEd.

  4. [I had to open IE to see them. Non-standard url handling, at a guess.]

    Cats! …, um, rats! It’s depressing to see how many of those I’ve watched.

    Typical dog pack behavior. (o.O)

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