Fluffy sucks! Coulter and O’Reilly on atheism

December 24, 2009 • 5:32 am

They’re talking about the Freedom from Religion’s sign at the Illinois state capitol’s Christmas display.

Atheists should shut up at Christmas and, by the way, the rest of the time too, because this country was explicitly founded on a belief in God, and talking about atheism doesn’t really fall under the rubric of free speech . . .

21 thoughts on “Fluffy sucks! Coulter and O’Reilly on atheism

  1. Far be it from me to comment only on Ms. Coulter’s phenotype, so I will start with a blanket *eyeroll* for all the stupid words that were spoken by both conversers.
    And only then will I say that I can’t keep my eyes off her larynx. Seriously. It bobs up and down with a life of its own.

    1. Far be it from me to comment only on Ms. Coulter’s phenotype

      Yes, please take the high road. It would be small-minded of us to mention her goiter.

  2. Bill and Ann once again show their own stupidity.

    Everything they are saying is factually wrong, but I’m preachin’ to the choir here.

    And this is supposedly a “news” channel?

  3. And of course, her metaphor is wrong. The sign wouldn’t say “Fluffy sucks,” it would say something more like “Pets* are stupid.”

    *(with the exception, of course, of some felids)

  4. It is truly amazing that Skeletor manages to be precisely wrong in everything she says.

    She said that it’s not the case that the US must treat all religions equally, but that in European countries, it is. Wait a minute, has she heard of the Church of England? What about these countries?

  5. Why would anyone tune in to Fox News? Why would anyone listen to O’Reilly’s program? Why would anyone give a flying leap what Ann Coulter spews from her racist oral orifice? Not me.

  6. Priceless!
    Now have the Jews been “perfected” and women disenfranchised as Ms Coulter demanded once in 2007?

  7. Coulter: “…as if all religions are the same…”

    Ummm… Ann… maybe they’re not exactly the same in the details, but overall… they’re pretty much the same (the theistic ones). Believing in supernatural beings who created everything, rule over everything, and control everything… it’s nuts no matter what you name it.

    I’m sure her implication was that Christianity is somehow superior to Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and any others which just serves to reinforce the evidence for her ignorance and bigotry.

  8. The holiday has been hijacked and misappropriated by a monotheistic cult to culturally obliterate any historical reference to the precursor forms of paganism it owes its very machinations to.

  9. The wingnuts themselves have done more to set back Christianity than any secular group ever can.

    Immense problems come within Christianity, not from without. Christian enemies are their own members and their bane is their own religion.

    Wingnuts like these two will blather, bleat, and blah their way through their pitiful existences, never having a single intellectually honest moment in their lives.

    However, there are more and more Christians who are protesting the hijacking of their religion by goons like these two. Soon, this pair of brain-dead nasties will look behind themselves, and wonder, where did everybody go?

  10. Dear Ann, O’hoho’Really,

    The sign is a positive affirmation to the foundering principals that were hijacked and crucified by christians. To be honest you will need to admit that the words on the sign are not intended to point out the suckiness of christianity (however true that thought my be) but to point to the need for humans to accept responsibility and not to look at mythology to shoulder any burden.

    However, just to show you, for your education, this is what it would look like if what you suggest was rendered in text on the sign:


  11. Why anyone would care what O’Reilly and Coulter say – because lots of people pay attention to them and think they are clever and right. It’s generally useful to be aware of what kind of bullshit is in wide circulation.

  12. It’s really just more Kulturkampf from conservative Christians. It’s all about maintaining hegemony for Christianity, and preventing the celebration of the Winter Solstice from returning to it’s roots as a universal holiday.

  13. Dear Americans,

    Could some please teach Ms Coulter some European history? Thanks.

    NewEnglandBob- have you never heard/read the phrase ‘Fox News is the only news channel worth listening to’?

    1. There is no news at all on Fox news. It is a place of right wing, even fascist, dogma and about half of what is reported is outright lies. Fundamentalists and racists are featured there as if they were normal people.

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