16 thoughts on “I’m a Penguin!

      1. Sorry Jerry. Didn’t mean to be confusing. Ophelia is right. I bought WEIT already, read it through once, and then, when I went to reread it more closely, couldn’t find it anywhere. So, when you come out as a penguin, I’ll buy it! It’s a great book! And it’s a great coup to become a penguin.

  1. Didn’t you know that your book has now been refuted by Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Darwin’s Black Box, The Edge of Evolution, The Signature in the Cell.

    I mean, sure the first books that were said to disprove evolution didn’t do it, but Meyer’s book does. Or, if it doesn’t really, very very soon the fatal wound to evolution will come out in a creationist’s book.

    Glen Davidson

  2. Nice. My hardback copy takes its place on my bookshelf along with the rest of my evolution/skeptic/complexity/atheism collection, and a fine read it is, too.

    But.. why oh why does Penguin charge exactly the same price for the e-versions and hardback? Doesn’t exactly encourage one to do the green thing, does it?

  3. You’re now a penguin and, as everyone who’s anyone knows, Penguins are the BEST birds!

    Congrats (but I’m not trading in my hardcover WEiT for a paperback).

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