12 thoughts on “Caturday felid: cat eats with fork and chopsticks

  1. Having read your fantastic book, I blundered onto this site not 5 minutes ago to satisfy my craving for more of your work. And I am presented with THIS!? Jerry Coyne celebrates Caturday!?

    You Sir…Have just risen to a new level of awesome in my eyes. 😀

  2. I’m thinking the “family secret” involves an elastic band, a taser, and sophisticated video editing equipment. Anyway, mine is still cuter.

    1. Yep, sorry to be skeptical but I’d kinda like to see her pick the cat up after shoveling and see the fork drop away.

  3. Well, I’ve heard of some cats that dip their paws into water and then lick it off when they drink. If the kitty was already doing that, it shouldn’t be hard to get her to accept the fork as sort of a paw extension for food. Mostly she seems to just shovel it in using her paw, using about the same motions.

    I suppose it’s something to do with one’s free time, to train a cat to do this. Frankly, most folks I know have a hard enough time keeping the cat off the table.

  4. Jerry – you should encourage folks to try and give possible genotypes for the caturday felids! wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_coat_genetics

    This one’s got some interesting coat coloration going on. Anyone wanna throw out possibilities??

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