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  1. I put this up on my Facebook page a couple days ago to end a long discussion that started when I first posted the French conviction of fraud. A Christian friend of mine was arguing something like “not in MY religion” and another x-ian friend chimed in. Anyway, it’s not worth a play-by-play but I was delighted to throw down J ‘n’ M for a final knockout punch to both of them.

  2. Say what you will about batshit crazy theologies, but at least the Mormons have done a lot of decent Mesoamerican archaeology (without finding a shred of support for their founding story) and continue to provide genealogical resources to all comers, even if their purpose is posthumous baptism.

    The fun thing about Scientologists, and possibly the Latter-Day Saints, is that their universe is even older than ours. When we assert that our universe popped into existence only 13 billion years ago, they call us young earth creationists.

    Let’s be generous. We already tolerate Cthulhu apologists in our midst, many of whom may celebrate the FSM as its avatar. Would it be possible to identify Xenu as an Old One? I only ask because I don’t really care.

  3. The web is amazing, in that it makes information debunking Scientology and creationism so easy to find, yet also allows lies to multiply rampantly, and for morons to feel a kind of community of those who are “persecuted” by not being given the legitimacy they demand.

    Likely it may be hard on Scientology, because there is no critical mass of acceptance of their BS. Where there is, with ID and other creationism, merely abusing science and scientists on the web seems to provide a kind of solidarity among the ignorant.

    Glen Davidson

  4. “The artist” is linked to:

    My own view, as I’ve expressed many times, is that anything like traditional Christianity is made to seem absurd in the light of evolution. But many people disagree with me, and if we can win people over to a more liberal version of Christianity that accepts evolution that would certainly be an improvement over what we have now.

    which is an interesting statement, but a rather bizarre uri.

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